Vine Therapy is here to empower you to live your best, most vibrant and joyful life. By restoring your physical and your energetic body you can enjoy complete Vital Essence Support.

“There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind, and inner happiness”  –Dr. Edward Bach

I can help you feel more balanced on every level, from the physical and mental to the emotional and spiritual.  By becoming more attuned to our bodies, we can address small imbalances before they grow to manifest as physical conditions.

Massage is a wonderful way to give your physical body the time and attention that it deserves.  It is common to hear from clients that areas of tension are discovered that they had not even recognized ~ it is natural in our busy lives to miss the signals that our body sends out when it needs attention! Combining my practical massage training with sensitivity to your energetic state, I can provide physical relief while helping you understand where your body needs more love and support.

Flower essences and homeopathic remedies support health and wellbeing from the outside in, by balancing emotions and strengthening the energetic body. Utilizing flower essences combined just for you, we can clear the emotional obstacles (like irritability, inability to focus, feeling overwhelmed or isolated) that over time can weaken your physical body and make you more susceptible to disease.  Rediscover the feeling of peace that may be eluding you, as you quiet the fears and anxieties that limit your potential and may be draining your relationships.

Contact me to schedule a massage treatment or for a consultation and your own custom combination of flower essences! Get ready to embrace your happiest and strongest self, as radiant as flowers in their fullest bloom.