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Receive the powerful support of these remedies in any situation.  These general purpose Bach Flower combinations are specially formulated to provide benefit to some of the most common emotional stresses or goals that most people experience.

For a deeper and personalized experience, a custom flower essence combination bottle is always recommended & easy to order.  Click here to begin.

Flower Essence Combinations
Combination bottles ~ $18 each

Sleep Remedy
Find sleep more easily and rest more completely by relieving some of the most common complications that tend to arise as soon as we close our eyes.

Meditation Remedy
Clear your mind and open your heart to the connection that you seek: to your inner self, to Spirit, to clarity and vision.

Caring Heart Remedy
Caregivers and practitioners give of themselves, but often forget to replenish their Self. This combination helps ease the personal toll of caring for someone you love, or healing clients.

Study Remedy
Get focus for the task at hand, whether it’s work or studies. Gain clarity and reduce day-dreaming so that you can work more efficiently.


Flower Essence & Essential Oil Combination

Space Clearing Remedy
Clear the air!  Helpful while recovering from mild illness, keeping students & siblings healthy, or clearing energy in therapy rooms between clients.

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These remedies are not intended to treat or cure any specific health problem.  It is important to follow the recommendation of a licensed health care practitioner. this information is not provided as a form of diagnosis of or treatment for any specific condition.