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Animal Consultations

Susi knows pets.

animal chakras, dog, cat, horse, bird, reiki, energy healing, petsRaised on a farm in central Illinois, it has been rare for me to live without an animal companion.  I have been blessed to have furry friends ranging from sheep to horses, and a long line of cats and dogs.  I studied animal science in 4-H, and trained several dogs in obedience to competition level.

I appeal to some of the most aloof and anti-social felines, and I am honored to gain their trust, albeit sometimes begrudgingly.

Reiki and flower essences are especially powerful for animals.  They don’t experience placebo or nocebo effects, they don’t overthink the process ~ they simply feel.  And typically, they feel results very quickly!

Bach flowers can address a wide variety of common behavioral or emotional issues our pets experience.  From separation anxiety, training difficulty, pain or lethargy to hyperactivity, flower essences can address the core issue by balancing the pet’s vitality.

Consider, if we can have a hard time understanding and releasing emotions, why would our pets be any different?  And considering how much they support our wellbeing, in return it is our responsibility to try to understand their discomforts and relieve them as best we can.

I can visit your animals in their home environment so they don’t experience any stress of travel or new environments.  I’m happy to accommodate housecalls throughout San Diego County, a travel fee may apply according to your location.

Consultations are $70 for a one hour session. Custom Bach combination bottles for your pet are available for $28.   Contact me to schedule a session!