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Flower Essences Explained

First, I will clarify that there are many types of essences that people work with to benefit from the energetic frequency of different materials.  Flower essences are the most widely known, Bach’s 38 core British Flower Essences in particular.  There are flower essences derived from different areas around the world, like North American Flower Essences and Australian Flower Essences.

(That’s a lot of s’s floating around there.  I will call them flowers, essences, or FE’s at random.  Bear with me!)

Bach’s Flower Essences are widely available over-the-counter at regular pharmacies and health food stores, sold as individual essences in a 20 mL (0.7 oz) bottle.  Because these essences don’t affect your blood chemistry or interact with any medications, they’re safe to use no matter what prescriptions you’re taking, or how old you are. You should be aware that most essences are preserved in alcohol, so in taking a regular dose (3-4 drops under the tongue, or 6-7 drops in a water bottle) one does ingest a very small amount.  If this is undesirable, then the essences can be added to a hot drink so that the alcohol evaporates, or applied topically so that the essence is absorbed through the skin.

Pamphlets are frequently available in the store to use as a quick reference, but they barely scratch the surface of the way that each essence addresses different emotional tendencies or reactions.  I also have an overview of Bach’s FE’s here, collected in groups according to his 7 Types discerned from his study of people and their personalities.

By combining them in the right ways, essences can support a more complete emotional picture when we tend to swing out of balance. Just as the climate changes and daily experiences vary, some emotions come and go quickly, while others stick with us for days, even years.  Working with someone who has an intimate knowledge of flower essences will help you not only address the top-most emotional situation (like mental-chatter or impatience), but begin the dissolve a deeply rooted foundation that may be fostering more fleeting feelings.  Life experiences like abuse, grief, or bullying can create emotions that seem beyond control, but essences can begin to peel back layers to make it easier to understand and address the core issues.

Of course, energetic healing is simply one aspect of holistic health, and should be a part of greater approach led by a qualified medical physician.  Flower essences are not meant to replace counseling or therapy from a trained professional.  The beauty of these remedies is that they work so smoothly alongside an allopathic (western medicine) protocol.  Over time, as the emotions regain balance the body will strengthen and may be able to heal itself, and your physician may find that medications become unnecessary.  In the meantime, homeopathic supplements do not pose a risk of counter-indications with prescription drugs because by nature the supplement is developed through a process of dilution and potentization so that the initial substance is no longer physically present.  It is the energetic imprint that remains to affect the body at the energetic level.

More on how flower essences are prepared is available here.

Is there something you’ve been dealing with that you would like to address with a personalized combination?  I would love to connect for a consultation and begin to restore peace of mind.  Click here to send me a message!

Side note:  Some people also work with gemstone essences, and in the same way that water is infused with the vital essence of a flower, gemstone essences are infused with the properties of different gems and stones, bringing forth the energetic frequency that a particular stone has to share.  I don’t work with gemstone essences, but I can appreciate the potential for benefit and healing.  All things are comprised not only of matter, but also of energy in the space between the atoms.  When you consider the time that stones have been on the planet, it makes sense to me that the energy within that matter has grown powerful, even though they may not contain the vital life force that is present in all living things.