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Bach Flower Essences and the 7 Core Emotional Characteristics

“And may we ever have joy and gratitude in our hearts that the Great Creator of all things, in His Love for us, has placed the herbs in the fields for our healing.”     ~Edward Bach, afterword, The 12 Healers

emotions overcare concern loneliness despair disinterest loveDr. Bach identified 7 classes of emotional imbalance, or common weaknesses that he perceived in his study of people, and grouped his remedies according to these.  Within the 7 types, he still held his essences in the groups by which he discovered and studied them: the 12 Healers (marked with asterisks), The 7 Helpers, and The Next 19.

For Those Who Have Fear

*Rock Rose
Useful in extreme emergency, or surprising situations such as illness or accident.  Calms the ‘fight or flight’ response.

Fears of known things, worry that is borne quietly

Cherry Plum
Fear of losing control, feeling of compulsive behavior or reaction

Anxiety and fear of undefined issues or problems, a generalized state of worry

Red Chestnut
Over-concern for others, sometimes hindering another’s freedom or or stifling their personal will

For Those Who Suffer Uncertainty

For those who do not trust themselves or their own decisions without support or affirmation from others

For those who vacillate between choices, doubting themselves but not asking help from others

For those who lose hope easily or feel discouraged

For feelings of despair or hopelessness, when there is little hope of relief

Assists in strengthening the will and regaining the energy to meet the regular challenges of life

Wild Oat
Strengthens the resolve and direction in following one’s life purpose.
Dr. Bach believed that living out of balance with your life purpose is one of the basic causes of emotional imbalance, leading to disease.

Lack of Sufficient Interest in Present Circumstances

For those who may avoid reality or prefer daydreams, imagining the future and avoiding present circumstances

For those who are nostalgic or missing the past, thinking that the best has already passed

Wild Rose
For those who feel resigned, lacking hope

For feelings of exhaustion, weariness even in daily tasks especially after mental or physical exertions

White Chestnut
Helps quiet an over-active mind, particularly with thoughts that are cyclical or recur without ceasing

For those who are given to gloominess or despair, often without cause

Chestnut Bud
Helpful in learning life’s lessons without repeating mistakes or unhealthy habits


*Water Violet
For those who hold themselves aloof or apart from others, who live quietly and dislike interference or interruption from others

Helps ease the pace and impatience of those who think nothing happens quickly enough, always racing to completion and intolerant of any delay

For those who demand attention from others, seeking outside support, consolation and admiration to fortify themselves

Over-Sensitive to Influence and Ideas

For those who bear troubles or concerns behind a brave face or pretense of humor

Supports those who are willing to serve everyone else’s needs, to the exclusion of their own

For those who have trouble maintaining their own convictions, or completing transitions

For those who suffer anger, jealousy or suspicion without justification

For Despondency or Despair

For those who feel themselves inadequate or anticipate failure

For those who are hardest on themselves, judging themselves harshly and finding only their own imperfections

For those feeling overwhelmed by their tasks and responsibilities, but pushing on to fulfill their obligations

Sweet Chestnut
Supports those who feel unbearable anguish, or that they have reached the limit of their endurance

Star of Bethlehem
Following the experience of a shock or a trauma, provides support and consolation.  Restores the connection to Spirit

Eases anger and resentment following an incident that feels unjustified or undeserved

Supports those who feel they must struggle, persevere and fight on, despite all odds or obstacles

Crab Apple
For those who need cleansing of an illness or affliction, or even of thoughts or compulsions that preoccupy the mind

Over-Care for the Wellness of Others

Eases those who demand much of their loved ones, often leading them to be strict in their corrections or harsh in their judgements

For those who are fervent in their opinions and try to bring everyone else around to their own deep beliefs

For those who are rigid in their beliefs and inflict them on others.  Helpful in situations of dominance and bullying

Eases those who are intolerant, judgmental, or harsh in their assessments

For those who are rigid in their ideology or in their physical bearing, who are harsh task masters and hold themselves to strict ideals

To read Dr. Bach’s original text from “The Twelve Healers”, visit the HealingHerbs resource website

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