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Emotions and Stress

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Although considered by some to be ‘intangible’, and therefore not significant, stress and our emotions play a tremendous role in our overall well-being and, ultimately, in our physical health and longevity. Emotional health is demonstrated by people who can meet the typical stressors of life with an open mind, an optimistic outlook, and resilience.  Instead of dreading unexpected events or challenges, they can let it engage their curiosity and lead them to find a new approach without feeling defeated.  Some may look at these people and say that they are just lucky and that nothing bad seems to happen to them, although life experiences happen to all of us, and no one is immune to illness, hardships like job loss, or tragedies like losing a…

Name that Emotion

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Name that Emotion Why does it seem difficult to put a name to the feelings that well up in response to everything we encounter in the course of a day?  We tend to get into patterns of automatic response – you might very well recognize that when greeting someone. “How are you?” “Fine.” What emotion does ‘fine’ convey?  Satisfaction, boredom, resignation?  Happiness?  Fine-ness? When we are asked how we are feeling, the answer often starts with a story.  It may concern how the day has begun, how traffic was that morning, or what we haven’t yet been able to cross off the perpetual to-do list.  Or it may be about what we have yet to face in the course of a day, be it a...

Bach Flower Essences and the 7 Core Emotional Characteristics

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“And may we ever have joy and gratitude in our hearts that the Great Creator of all things, in His Love for us, has placed the herbs in the fields for our healing.”     ~Edward Bach, afterword, The 12 Healers Dr. Bach identified 7 classes of emotional imbalance, or common weaknesses that he perceived in his study of people, and grouped his remedies according to these.  Within the 7 types, he still held his essences in the groups by which he discovered and studied them: the 12 Healers (marked with asterisks), The 7 Helpers, and The Next 19. For Those Who Have Fear *Rock Rose Useful in extreme emergency, or surprising situations such as illness or accident.  Calms the ‘fight or flight’ response. *Mimulus Fears…